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triata. See also energy
energy-matter responding to linear gravity in Havona 11:8.7(126;3)
triune existential energy of Havona 14:3.6(156;3), 42:2.16-17(470;7)
Cain bore no 76:2.8(849;2)
cut on boy as part of puberty initiation 70:7.6(791;3)
lone man helpless without a t.m. 68:1.2(763;5)
tribes 70:4sec(788;3),. See also clans; races
often subverted sovereignty of territorial state 134:5.8(1488;6)
war chiefs established father line 70:4.4(788;6)
originally a loose confederation of clans 70:4.3(788;5)
render to Caesar 174:2.2(1899;2)
mud eaters; sexed animals; some had aborted eyes 59:1.15(674;5)
predecessors of crustaceans; nearly disappeared 59:2.10(676;1), 59:3.5,11(677;2), 59:5.8(680;10)
supreme trinity of Hinduism 94:4.4-5(1031;5)
deity reality, never personality reality 106:5.3-4(1167;4)
experiential Trinities
culminate in personalization of Deity Absolute 56:9.5(644;7)
embrace contributions of creature personalities 106:3.3(1166;1)
facts of co-ordinate Deity manifestation 0:12.4(16;1)
accomplishes what otherwise is nonattainable 0:12.8(16;5)
by creatures
Adamic-finaliter pairs very successful at t. 31:5.3(349;3)
always successful between finaliters and Paradise-Havoners (22:7.10, 14)
apparently an unlimited technique 23:4.4(262;5)
by 2 finaliters is paradisiacal effort to actualize original identical concept of Almighty Supreme; sometimes fails 13:1.12(146;1), 22:7.4-12(249;4)
by finaliters and Paradise-Havoners repercusses in Supreme-Ultimate Mind 22:4.3(247;2), 22:7.14(251;4)
by Paradise-Havoners 22:7.13(251;3)
creature-trinitized sons in personality registers 30:1.5(331;1), 30:2.9(336;1)
engaged in only by Deities, finaliters, Paradise Citizens and Havoners 22:7.2(249;2)
parents thereafter spiritually inseparable; participate only once 22:7.3,7-9)
special corps exists for mixed finaliter and Paradise-Havoner parents 22:7.9(250;3)
supreme creative performance of spiritual beings 22:7.1-2(249;1)
unbelievably long time sometimes consumed 22:7.6(249;6)
by Deities, t. constitutes authority to represent Trinity 13:1.12(146;1)
precipitates unrealized potentials out of future time 22:4.5(247;4)
secret of Vicegerington, Solitarington 13:1.12,18(146;1)
technique by which Father divests himself of unqualified spirit personality 0:7.6(11;2), 6:7.1(79;1), 10:2.1(109;5)
ascendant Spirit-fused and Son-fused mortals embraced by Trinity; number 3.5 billion 18:4.5(211;1), 22:6.1(248;6)
emissaries of Ancients of Days on minor sectors 18:4.5(211;1), 22:6.3(248;8)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.9(336;1)
serve on Spirit- and Son-fusion worlds 22:6.2(248;7)
Trinitized Sons of Selection 22:6.1(248;6)
assisted by several billion seconaphim 22:5.5(248;4)
deal with groups, not individuals 22:5.6(248;5)
finaliter seraphim and translated midway creatures embraced by Trinity 18:4.5(211;1), 22:5.1-2(247;7)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.9(336;1)
officers of superuniverse major and minor sector governments; number 70 million 18:4.5(211;1), 22:5.5,6(248;4)
recognized for valiant co-operation with subsequently trinitized mortal 22:5.3(248;2)
Trinitized Sons of Selection 22:1.4(244;2)
10 preside over each Paradise world of the Father 13:1.2-3(144;2), 13:2.9-10(149;2), 18:1.1(207;5)
are secrets of Supreme and Ultimate 13:2.10(149;3)
collectively know all secrets 13:2.9(149;2)
fully known only by their special world groups 13:2.9(149;2)
highest order of Stationary Sons of Trinity 13:1.2(144;2)
in personality registers 30:1.4(330;6), 30:2.5(335;3)
Supreme Trinity Personalities, 70 in number 18:1.1(207;5)
assigned to superuniverse service 15:10.5(178;5), 22:1.3(244;1)
comprised of 15:10.5(178;5), 22:1.3(244;1), 22:2-4secs)
function as co-ordinates of Stationary Sons of Trinity 22:4.5(247;4)
in Paradise classification 30:1.5(331;1)
responsible for all issues growing out of origin of individual, race, or world 28:6.2(314;1)
selection is inherent and automatic 22:4.4(247;3)
tertiary seconaphim assigned to 28:6.1(313;5)
train briefly under Eternals of Days 22:1.3(244;1)
Trinity embrace endows T.S.o.A. with everything finaliters will achieve as 7th stage spirits 40:10.12(454;1)
Trinity-embraced Adjuster-fused ascendant mortals removed from Corps of Finality 15:10.5(178;5), 22:1.3(244;1)
trio of T.S.o.A. presents viewpoint of mortal creatures 22:4.6(247;5)
beings produced by finaliters and Paradise-Havoners 22:7.14(251;4)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.9,22(336;1)
advised Melchizedek receivers after rebellion 67:6.5(759;8)
completion seraphim attached to 39:9.1(441;5)
constantly increasing in numbers 22:1.6(244;4)
function as self-governing groups 22:1.7(244;5)
homes are on Paradise 13:2.4(148;3)
in personality registers 30:1.5(331;1), 30:2.9(336;1)
none have ever gone astray 22:1.6(244;4), 53:7.4(607;5)
serve as Most High Assistants 37:4.2(409;7)
serve on commissions approving Havona pilgrims circuit advancement 26:7.3(293;1)
A. Deity-trinitized Sons (unrevealed) 22:0sec(243;1)
B. Trinity-embraced Sons 22:0.1-2(243;1), 22:1sec(243;3)
C. creature-trinitized sons
1. Paradise-Havona trinitized Sons 22:7.9-13(250;3), 23:4.3(262;4), 30:2.9(336;1)
2. ascender-trinitized sons 22:0.1-2(243;1), 22:7.12(251;2), 22:8sec(251;5)
affectionate, loyal, humble, and supremely wise regarding concept each personifies 22:10.6-7(254;3)
capacity for experience inhibited 22:9.7(253;1)
comprised of 22:9-10secs)
each personifies of some single universal ideal 22:10.2-7(253;4)
held in reserve for future universe epoch 22:9.7(253;1)
in Paradise classification 30:1.5(331;1)
lack experience; less versatile or dependable than ascendant associates; sometimes err in judgment 22:1.6(244;4), 22:9.6-7(252;8)
make ascenders grateful for lowly origin, capacity for experience 22:9.6-8(252;8)
remain in superuniverse of assignment 22:1.7(244;5), 22:10.5(254;2)
retrinitization may act solely on idea trinitized 22:9.5(252;7)
train under Seven Supreme Executives and Trinity Teacher Sons 22:9.7(253;1)
Trinity-embraced creature-trinitized sons; serve Ancients of Days 22:1.5(244;3), 22:8.4(251;8)
assigned to courts of Ancients of Days 22:1.4(244;2)
comprised of 22:5-6secs)
in Paradise classification 30:1.5(331;1)
selected from ascendant seraphim, midway creatures, Spirit-fused and Son-fused mortals 22:1.4(244;2)
Trinity embrace endows with everything finaliters will achieve as 7th stage spirits 40:10.12(454;1)

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