The Urantia Book Fellowship
Scriptural confusion regarding life span 77:2.11(857;8)
Mexico 58:7.4(670;6), 59:2.4,7(675;3), 60:3.2-6(689;1)
Mother of God cult 89:9.2(984;1)
predominantly red race but also yellow, orange, and blue 64:7.5(727;2), 79:5.8(884;2)
confirmed Isaiah's soul-satisfying gospel; fearlessly attacked sacrificial system 97:5.4(1067;1)
invaluably assisted Elisha 97:2.2(1064;3)
mice 49:1.6(560;5), 61:2.7(695;5)
named for original Michael Son 21:0.3-5(234;3)
sealed by Gabriel 188:3.11(2015;7), 189:1.9(2021;8)
in circles of Sons of God; staff of over 1 million 46:5.12(525;2)
began organization of Nebadon 400 billion years ago; staff arrived 300 billion years ago 57:3.8(654;1), 119:0.7(1309;1)
bestowals. See also Creator Sons: creature bestowals; Paradise Sons of God: bestowals
1st bestowal
as Melchizedek 119:1sec(1309;2)
manifested will of the Father, Son, and Spirit 119:8.4(1318;3)
2nd bestowal
as primary Lanonandek 119:2sec(1310;4)
manifested will of Father and Son 119:8.4(1318;3)
3rd bestowal
as Material Son on world 217, system 87, constellation 61 119:3sec(1312;2)
revealed will of Father and Spirit 119:8.4(1318;3)
4th bestowal
as supreme seraphim; served as secretary to 26 teachers 39:1.15(429;1), 119:4sec(1313;4)
revealed will of Son and Spirit 119:8.4(1318;3)
5th bestowal
as ascending mortal on Uversa 119:5sec(1314;4)
portrayed will of Infinite Spirit 119:8.4(1318;3)
6th bestowal
as morontia mortal on Endantum 119:6sec(1315;4)
revealed will of Eternal Son 119:8.4(1318;3)
7th (Urantia bestowal)
announced after default of Adam and Eve 119:7.2(1316;5)
as Jesus of Nazareth 32:0.3(357;3), 52:5.1-2(595;6), 119:7sec(1316;4), 120:0.9(1325;2)
born of woman 20:2.7(225;6)
commission by Immanuel 120:1-3secs) 141:7.11(1594;5)
counseled to function largely as teacher; atone for Caligastia and Adamic default; terminate Lucifer rebellion 93:10.7(1025;3), 120:2.2-5(1327;2)
limitations 120:2sec(1327;1)
single thought to be revealing Father 120:1.5(1326;2)
could not come until people believed in Father 96:0.2(1052;2)
did not select parents 122:0.3(1344;3), 128:0.1(1407;1)
Fortant is director for all activities related to 45:3.7(512;7)
Immanuel responsible for M. before arrival of his Adjuster 120:2.9(1329;1)
lived will of Universal Father 119:8.4(1318;3)
Melchizedek school devoted to 43:1.6(486;5)
most favorable time for incarnation ever 121:1.1(1332;2)
Most High mediator harmonizes bestowal adjustments with constellation administration 43:5.11(491;7)
no extraplanetary support 120:1.3(1325;5)
permitted universal bestowal of Adjusters 120:2.6(1328;3)
personally chose Urantia 63:7.1(717;2), 76:5.7(853;1), 120:1.1(1325;3), 122:0.2(1344;2), 128:0.1(1407;1)
powers conferred upon Gabriel and Immanuel 120:0.6(1324;3)
purposes of 7th bestowal
to complete required experience; subordinate himself to will of Father 120:0.4(1324;1), 189:1.10(2022;2)
to gain creature experience, universe sovereignty, settle Lucifer rebellion, reveal God, lead men to become son-conscious Paper 120 (1323;1),) 120:4.4(1331;4), 128:0.2(1407;2), 128:1.1(1407;4), 128:7.6(1417;5), 129:3.5-8(1423;7), 129:4.7(1425;6), 185:3.4(1991;4), 189:1.10(2022;2), 193:0.3(2052;3)
Son of God became Son of Man 13:1.8(145;3)
Word made flesh 20:5.1(227;4),. See also Jesus: personality and nature: God incarnate in man
began 1 billion years ago; occurred at 150 million year intervals 119:0.7(1309;1), 119:8.2(1318;1)
could rule as representative of Trinity only after all 7 bestowals, acquiring thereby supreme sovereignty 21:3sec(237;3), 120:0.4(1324;1)
created possibility for sovereignty of Supreme in Nebadon 119:8.5-7(1318;4)
subordination to variously constituted wills of Father, Son, and Spirit 119:8.3-4(1318;2), 120:0.3-4(1323;3)
concerned with creation, sustenance, and ministry 33:7.1(372;5)
611,121st bestowal of Father and Son 33:1.1(366;2), 119:0.7(1309;1)
creator of Nebadon 33:3.2(368;2), 37:0.1(406;1), 128:1.13(1409;3)
exerts same spirit gravity as Eternal Son 33:1.3(366;4)
God of our creation 33:1.4(367;1), 183:3.4(1974;2)
mercy-dominated Son 140:8.11(1580;6)
not the Eternal Son 6:1.3,5(74;2), 33:1.2(366;3), 161:1.6(1784;3)
only-begotten Son 33:1.1(366;2)
our elder brother in fact 40:6.5(448;4)
Planetary Prince of Urantia 45:4.16(514;6), 114:0.8(1250;8), 114:1.1(1250;12), 120:2.2(1327;2), 136:3.1(1512;5), 176:4.4(1919;1)
resembles Eternal Son 21:1.3(235;2), 33:2.1(367;3)
sevenfold Master Son 28:6.18(316;5), 119:8.6(1318;5)
shares Father's Paradise perfection 106:2.6(1165;3)
Son of Man and Son of God 40:7.2(448;9)
established 24 counselors, who represent him concerning roll calls of Satania 45:4.1(513;2), 114:1.1(1250;12)
Gabriel is regent when M. is away 33:2.5(367;7), 33:4.7(370;4), 33:6.1(371;3)
headquarters is threefold mansion of light 33:1.1(366;2)
his creative fatherhood has made our lives possible 112:7.8(1238;3)
Lucifer rebellion. See also Lucifer rebellion
7th bestowal terminated rebellion except on planets with apostate Planetary Princes, and in 2 other systems 53:8.3-4(609;6)
M. knew of Lucifer's disaffection 500 years before rebellion 53:2.3(602;6)
M. offered rebels forgiveness, some form of reinstatement 53:9.1(610;6), 54:4.5(616;4)
M. petitioned Ancients of Days to intern rebels 53:9.3(611;2)
M. restored spiritual status of realm by bestowal 7:4.5(85;6)
M. was not sovereign ruler at time of 53:5.2-3(605;6), 54:5.6(617;6)
policy of noninterference for 200,000 years 53:5.1-4(605;5)
message of friendship to Adam and Eve 76:5.3(852;2)
Michael memorial on Jerusem 46:5.12(525;2)
Most High adviser represents M. in Norlatiadek 43:5.6(491;2)
no man goes to Father except through 0:8.4(12;2), 180:3.7(1947;6)
not involved in judicial work 33:7.1(372;5)
personally grants mortals' credentials to proceed upon superuniverse career 112:7.8(1238;3)
possesses unlimited capacity to experience Supreme 101:6.5(1112;1)
referred to as Christ Michael. See Christ
return to Urantia. See Jesus: second coming
sometimes sends messages on archangels' circuit 46:3.4(522;4)
could have asserted personal sovereignty at any moment 21:3.2-3(237;4), 120:0.3-4(1323;3), 120:1.6(1326;3)
Immanuel is only personality in Nebadon who has never acknowledged subordination to M. 33:5.2(370;7)
limitations to authority 33:2.2(367;4)
M. earned authority through actual experience 120:0sec(1323;1), 120:1.4(1326;1), 127:0.4(1395;4), 191:3.4(2041;3)
M. received all power and authority after bestowals 20:5.5(228;2), 21:3.8(238;2), 43:4.7(490;2), 179:2.3(1938;2), 180:4.1(1948;2), 182:1.3(1963;5)
postbestowal status 119:8sec(1317;5)
won on Mount Hermon 134:8.9(1494;2), 136:3.1(1512;5)
spends much time away from Salvington 33:2.5(367;7), 33:6.1(371;3)
Spirit of Truth is spirit of 15:9.12(177;11)
Trinity fully approved plans for Nebadon 32:0.3(357;3)
will serve in outer space in next universe age 119:8.7(1318;6)
passed through 7 circuits of Havona 7:5.8-9(87;2), 8:4.3(94;5), 21:0.4(234;4)
presiding head of primary Paradise Sons 21:0.5(234;5)
wife of King David, daughter of Saul 70:1.18(785;1)
type of atmospheric mortal like Urantians; account for 91% in Satania 49:2.5-6(561;4)
ancestors of Primates, simians 61:6.1(700;2), 62:3.10-11(706;1), 62:4.1(706;5)
instincts of disgust, hoarding; propensity to construct 62:3.6-7(705;5)
internecine battles nearly destroyed species 62:3.8(705;7)
killed off dawn mammals 62:3.4(705;3)
subdued their corner of creation 62:3.5(705;4)
sudden appearance from dawn mammals 61:6.1(700;2), 62:3.1(704;6)

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