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life-dawn era, 550 to 400 million years ago 58:7.1(670;3), 59:0.3(672;3)
disrupted unity of Christianity 92:5.12(1010;3)
inelasticity of church rendered further growth incompatible with unity 92:5.12(1010;3)
protons 42:3.5(472;3),. See also atoms; matter
emitted from carbon atom in solar reaction 41:8.1(464;3)
held in nucleus by reciprocating mesotron 42:8.3-4(479;1)
more than 100 electrons in atom instantaneously disrupt the central p. 42:7.7(478;1)
size and weight 42:6.7-8(477;1), 42:7.2(477;4)
cell is biologic unit of material life 49:1.2(560;1)
must be killed to be analyzed 65:6.1(737;1)
Protozoa 58:7.2(670;4), 65:2.4(732;2)
philosophy of Amenemope 95:4.3-5(1046;4)
all things work together for good 4:1.4,11(55;2), 10:7.5-6(115;7), 48:4.7(548;2), 54:4.7(616;6), 67:7.8(761;7), 67:8.4(762;3), 94:6.4(1033;7), 118:10.18(1306;7), 182:2.1(1966;1)
domain of Infinite Spirit and Supreme Being 4:1.10(56;2), 9:1.3(99;2)
God many times thrusts a Father's hand into human affairs 97:8.5(1071;3), 118:10.6(1305;1)
historical teachings
Egyptian teaching that prosperity was reward for serving El Shaddai 96:1.6(1053;4)
Hebraic belief in 98:7.5(1084;4)
Jews derived concept from Egyptians 95:2.1(1043;7)
Moses was believer in 96:5.4(1058;2)
pessimism of Ecclesiastes was reaction to overoptimistic belief in 97:8.2(1070;5)
shamans viewed as custodians of p. 90:2.10(988;6)
inexorable function of other-than-personal overcontrol of universe 12:7.1(137;2), 118:10.4(1304;6)
interlocking activities of celestial beings who labor for honor of God and advancement of his children 4:1.1-2,7) 5:1.8(63;6), 9:2.3-5(100;5)
intervention indicates importance of a person's function with respect to some total 118:10.5(1304;7)
misunderstandings of providence
catastrophes not visitations of p. 149:2.10(1671;5)
inexplicable things of life are termed mysterious dispensations of p. 85:0.4(944;4)
most of what mortals call providential is not 118:10.9(1305;4)
partial and unpredictable 118:10.20(1307;1)
represents slow and sure emergence of Supreme 118:10.21(1307;2)
supinely trusting in a fictitious p. 178:1.14(1931;5)
carried too far, leads to cowardice and failure 149:4.4(1673;4)
Psalms 187:5.2(2010;3)
#1 is heart of teachings of Ikhnaton; written by Ikhnaton, Amenemope 95:4.5(1046;6), 95:5.7(1048;1)
#22 my God, my God, why have you forsaken me? 187:5.2(2010;3)
#23 whispered to shepherd boy 48:6.8(552;6), 131:2.7(1445;1), 165:2.6(1819;2)
#24 who shall ascend the hill of Most Highs 43:6.3(492;3)
#46 there is a river, the streams whereof 43:3.3(488;5)
#82 162:4.4(1794;3)
#91 he who dwells in the secret place of Most High 43:3.4(488;6)
#113 to #118 chanted by pilgrims at feast of tabernacles 162:4.4(1794;3)
#118 sung at Remembrance Supper 172:3.9(1882;2), 179:5.10(1943;3)
#130 chanted by Nazarenes on way to Jerusalem 125:0.2(1377;2)
apostles sung 181:2.31(1962;5)
embrace period from Amenemope to Isaiah 96:7.3(1060;3)
greatest wealth of devotion and inspiration 96:7.3-4(1060;3)
Hallel is responsive reading of 162:6.2(1795;6)
interpretation changed on Messianic Psalm 174:4.6(1901;6)
Jesus quoted 155:1.1-2(1725;2), 165:4.8(1822;3), 187:5.2(2010;3)
many written by Egyptians and Mesopotamians 96:7.2(1060;2)
written in stone by Salem missionaries 95:1.10(1043;5)
7th circle
1 pair of seraphic guardians for 1000 mortals 113:1.7(1242;2)
entry upon development of moral responsibility 110:6.13(1210;8)
6th circle
1 pair of seraphic guardians for 500 mortals 113:1.7(1242;2)
5th circle
1 pair of seraphic guardians for 100 mortals 113:1.7(1242;2)
4th circle
1 pair of seraphic guardians for 10 mortals 113:1.7(1242;2)
3rd circle
1 pair of seraphic guardians for each mortal 49:6.8,13(569;3), 55:4.2(626;6), 110:6.14(1210;9), 113:1.8(1242;3), 113:2.1(1242;4)
achievement of 3rd circle brought Adjuster prior to Spirit of Truth 108:2.7(1187;6)
adjutant influence diminishes after 110:6.20(1211;5)
possible immediate resurrection for those attaining 112:4.5(1231;5)
subject must attain for Adjuster's self-activity 109:2.3(1196;5)
1st circle
Adjuster can speak directly and immediately with subject 110:6.15,22(1210;10), 113:1.6(1242;1)
termination of adjutant mind-spirit ministry as exclusive influence 110:6.21(1211;6)
also known as cosmic circles of coordinate mortal attainment; cosmic levels 55:4.2(626;6), 110:6.16(1211;1)
additional time for, afforded on mansion worlds 112:5.6(1233;2)
adds to ability of Adjuster to function 110:6.5(1209;5)
augments potential of human achievement 110:6.19(1211;4)
by balanced growth 110:6.4(1209;4)
does not equate to Adjuster fusion 110:7.1(1212;2)
increases consciousness of relation to Supreme Being, universe citizenship 110:6.16(1211;1)
marks steps preliminary to fusion 110:6.1(1209;1)
only relatively related to God-consciousness 110:6.16,19(1211;1)
reflected by Adjuster attunement, soul evolution, personality reality 110:6.7(1210;2)
Jesus achieved p.c. on Mount Hermon 134:8.4(1493;3)
so designated after recognition requirements of Havona circuits 14:5.4(158;7)
sum total of personality realization and maturity 49:6.8(569;3), 110:6.1,3(1209;1)
24 basic orders of human p.o. 36:2.9(398;3)
cannot penetrate to inner motives of religion 101:2.15(1107;7)
study of another's religion 103:6.1(1135;3)
not ancestors of birds 60:2.12(688;4)
Ptolemais 128:3.2(1411;2), 149:0.1(1668;1), 152:7.3(1706;4), 156:6.1(1741;1)
Greek King of Egypt; translated Hebrew scriptures into Greek 74:8.12(838;4)
dangerous and difficult period 126:5.9,12(1393;6)
failing p. test was boy's supreme humiliation 70:7.3(790;6)
initiation involved much self-torture and cutting 70:7.3,6(790;6)
Jesus passed through p. at 13 124:5.1(1373;1)
once common age for marriage 82:3.9(916;5)
Jesus refused to enter 132:4.5(1461;3), 133:3.6(1472;5)
divine builders, celestial artisans 44:3.8-9(502;7)
education of p.o. is only safe way to accelerate civilization 71:2.2(802;1)
exaltation of common man's collective ideas 88:3.4(970;5)
fickleness of popular acclaim 152:6.2(1705;2), 174:0.2(1897;2), 177:5.2(1927;3)
has always delayed society; must be nonviolent 71:2.2-3(802;1)
Jesus was indifferent to p.o. 141:7.12(1594;6), 161:2.8(1786;3)
law is codified p.o. 70:11.6(797;4), 70:12.3(798;2)
apostles begin Paper 141 (1587;1),)
Jesus' plans for 136:4sec(1514;2)
enter kingdom before religious rulers 173:3.2(1893;2)
Matthew Levi 138:3.1,7(1540;4), 139:7.3,8,10(1559;7), 181:2.14(1958;1)
tax collectors 167:5.1(1838;2)
Zaccheus 171:6.1(1873;4)
Pharisees referred to businessmen and tax gatherers as 138:3.4(1540;7)
Associate Master Force Organizers and Universe Power Directors transmute p.e. to gravity-energy stage, ultimatons 29:5.3(329;3), 42:6.3(476;5)
energy transmuting from exclusive grasp of Unqualified Absolute to gravity grasp of Paradise 29:5.3(329;3)
first phase of transmutation of segregata into universe power 42:2.10-11(470;1)
forcible-reacting energy, not definitely responsive to Paradise gravity; form of ultimata 42:2.11,13(470;2)
set in motion by Primary Master Force Organizers 42:2.11(470;2)
ultimatons cannot independently deindividualize and return to p.e. 42:4.8(473;6), 42:6.3(476;5)
affectionate father never precipitate in visiting 54:5.4(617;4)
corrective affection 142:2.4(1597;4)
divine p. is in reality inevitable consequence 2:3.2(36;7)
follows transgression 148:6.3(1663;1)
greatest p. is loss of existence 2:3.2(36;7)
idea of p. was compensation for early man 70:10.12(796;2)
justice must be lodged in social group 10:6.2(114;3), 70:10.13(796;3), 104:2.5(1146;1), 159:1.6(1764;1)
no two persons likely to agree on 133:1.2(1469;1)
severity less a deterrent than certainty and swiftness 70:10.15(796;5)

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